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DMCCF Annual Dinner Gala

Our 2022 Golf Outing Heroes



Dean and the DMCCF donated $5,000 to our youngest Hero of the day Kiah. Young Kiah is 7 yrs old and was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma back in January 21. She is awaiting an upcoming surgery and we pray that brings her on the path to recovery and healing.


Dean and the DMCCF donated $5,000 to 17 yr. old Sassha. Sassha was diagnosed with leukemia way back in 2016. She continues the fight to this day after many years of battling. Accepting the donation with Sassha was her loving mother.



Dean and the DMCCF donated $5,000 to 13 yr. old Ella. Ella was diagnosed with leukemia in June '21. Yes, this young warrior had such a beautiful smile. As did her amazing family standing by her side.


 Dean and the DMCCF donated $5,000 to 19 yr. old Christopher. Christopher was diagnosed with osteosarcoma this past april. Coming forward accepting for Christopher was his loving father. Many prayers for Christopher as he continues this tough fight.



Dean and the DMCCF planned to donate to 9 yr old Cameron. Cameron was diagnosed with neuroblastoma back in 2016. Unfortunately, young Cameron gained his angel wings just days prior to the golf outing. Cameron's amazing family came to accept Dean's donation of $5,000 for Cameron. Pictured is Cameron's father who gave an unforgettable emotional speech we will be sharing. It was the hardest donation ever passed on and we only pray that Cameron's parents and siblings find the strength to move forward.

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